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hi Stan . hope you like site mate . when i first talked to you a couple of weeks ago i thought about what you said about having anything to show at time i didn't so this last few nights i have been working on this site at moment it is still very rough but should be up and running in next week or so . i also sent an email to you early this week asking about permission to use images and bios and other things but hadn't heard back again . i figured you probably get who knows how many emails letters and calls might be awhile before you got to mine so i didn't worry to much . i am looking to get into website design or something similar so was hoping when i called to get you to use me . looks like i had no luck there but it isn't big deal mate i also wanted to use site to show others interested in it what i could do in case they were interested in a site of thier own . i only work as a labourer at moment and am trying to move up a little . got to be something easier in life than working as a labourer in steel factory . hehehe. on front page you will see i used a pic for background this pic will be changed as soon as i find a better one . i wanted to use something that symbolized sydney so decided on opera house but the pic still isn't quite right on page that is "listen to stan live you will see your time on the page . no matter where you are in the world that clock will show time where they are not just our time . so it gives them idea what time they should tune in to internet broadcast . the two message boards i have up at moment both work like an email thing they send a message from there and it gooes staraight to your foxtel email address that will change soon with the one on front page actually going to you at i would love to use smalls parts of your nook to make up pages that express your ideas . one page per idea type set up . since i hadn';t heard back from you on the emails or the call i made i decided to call again tonight to ask permission . if you let me it will be a big boost to site . i would include a link back to your sites on any page that i use your stuff much like i have done with the beauty and the beast page with a link back t channel 10 and foxtel i am just a labourer trying to get ahead stan best way i can . so i would appreciate any help you could give . as you can see the site presents you in a good light so can only be more good publicity for you . i think what you say about hard work being the best way to get ahead is right so am trying to do best i can . so any help from you would be appreciated .i can be reached on 02 97879310 anytime after 6 p.m. monday to friday or all day on the weekends . yours sincerely michael eldridge