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                                    Stan despite now being fairly rich  had started out from poor surroundings. He started out from the bottom taking any job he could . Has dug ditches and various other menial jobs before beginning his climb to fame and fortune. Very down to earth in many ways and thinks a lot like the average bloke in the street. None of the politically correct or feminst bullshit ways that nearly any -one who is any one pretends they believe in nowadays. Stan just comes out and speaks his mind and doesn't care whose toes he steps on along the way. He is very much still like the average Australian man in the street.
                                    OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY
                          Stan hosts Australia's most popular night time radio talkback show on 2UE in Sydney and Sky Radio Network throughout Australia.
                                     The Beast on Ten's Beauty and the Beast, Stan is also a frequent guest on A Current Affair, Real Life, Sixty Minutes,  The Midday Show, Today Tonight and the 7.30 Report.
                                      A radio writer and producer in the 1970s, Stan covered the America's Cup in 1977, 1980, 1983 and 1987 and as a writer/producer and Creative Director for a Sydney based advertising agency was headhunted by a US company and moved to the States. When the company went broke, Stan took over the business and became a writer/producer for a series of American radio personalities, before returning to Australia in 1985 where he did syndicated reports on cricket, the World 12 metre Championships and produced and wrote The History of the America's Cup. He also wrote for radio stars, Bob Rogers and later John Laws and in 1987 became producer of the Alan Jones Show on 2UE, making him the only person to produce the three biggest names on radio at that time.
                                      He is also producer, presenter and star of the Stan Zemanek Cabaret Spectacular, an annual topline variety show which showcases Australian talent and travels across the country to 500-plus venues. In addition he runs his own company and the popular Stan Zemanek Travel Club Bus Tours as well as merchandising a range of Stan Zemanek coffee mugs, 
bathrobes and other items.
                                       The Thoughts of Chairman Stan was published by Harper/Collins in November 1998. In April 1999, Stan's first fiction thriller will be published, the title still to be decided.
                                         Happily married to wife Marcella for more than 30 years Stan has two daughters, Gabrielle who is 27 and Melissa who is 23